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What to do if you are given 2 months to live

This is my story. I pray that it helps others in some way. I was inoperable. No more treatments available for my stage 4 small bowel cancer. I had seen many doctors and surgeons in my town, went to Mexico. I was close to death in every sense. A family member told me to see Dr. June Meymand in Dallas but I was set to go to a clinic in Arizona and felt they could help me. I was there just 2 weeks and knew I had to leave. I wanted to die at home. My family insisted I go to Dr. June and try one more time. God lead me there and I met the most amazing woman. Christian, brilliant, has worked taking care of cancer patients for 30 years. She built a team of doctors and surgeons that I specifically needed. Yes, she took me to these wonderful doctors who did not turn me away. I have lived at the clinic for 16 weeks now and I am going home next week. Chemotherapy and surgery went very well under Dr. June's watchful eye taking care of my nutritional and holistic needs daily. God is here! I ask what I could do to help others and the staff suggested I write this post. Dr. June will be my doctor for life, now that I will have one to live. I would tell anyone fighting for their life to trust Dr. June. I have met many, many people during my stay here. Some out-patients, in-patients, some who have been seeing Dr. June for 20 years or more. She remains every patient's doctor for life. Every patient that was here when I came was stage 4. We are all NED! We are blessed for sure. 

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I would ask what kind of surgery they did if you were previously stage 4, inoperable.
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March 7, 2012

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